Highlights of the 99th Meeting of the FIP Board of Directors on November 23rd, 2013, in Rio de Janeiro

for the minutes, Andrée Trommer-Schiltz, Secretary General

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Amendments to the Jury Service Guidelines (see under Regulations) :

Criteria for applying FIP Jury Apprenticeship

The FIP Board discussed how to improve the standard of the FIP jurors and decided to raise the qualification for applying as a jury apprentice from a Vermeil to a Large Vermeil medal. Article 12.1 of the jury guidelines to be changed as follows :


Criteria to serve as FIP Apprentice Jury at FIP World Stamp Exhibition under FIP patronage

Article 12 : Requirements

12.1         The candidate shall:

1)      Have been an exhibitor in a FIP Exhibition (under the patronage of FIP) receiving at least a LARGE VERMEIL medal in his specific selected FIP Competitive Class. The       application for Jury apprenticeship must be applied within 5 years after the award of the said medal.

2)      It is recommended to have at least one other exhibit in a different class, achieving FIP Vermeil and above, within 3 years after having successfully completed the FIP Jury Apprenticeship.

3)      Have attended at least one required FIP juror qualifying seminar in the classes he/she intends to serve as apprentice jury.

4)      Have served as a juror in at least two national exhibitions or of equivalent standing in 2 separate calendar years.

5)      It is recommended to be able to write and speak fluently in English, with knowledge of English philatelic terminology.

6)      Have an understanding of all FIP recognized branches of philately.

7)      Be fully conversant with the FIP GREX, GREV, SREVs and Guidelines and be prepared to implement them.


                             The President's page 

                                            by Tay Peng Hian, RDP, AMN, President FIP


The 73rd FIP Congress will be held in Seoul, Korea on August 12, 2014. All the eleven FIP Commissions / Section will be conducting their meetings in Seoul on August 10 and 11, 2014. I look forward to the active participation of the meetings by all of you.
Ever since I was elected as FIP President in October 2010, my Board of Directors and I have been working on a number of urgent and major projects, I wish to highlight several of them here for your information.
 One of our main initiatives has always been to run FIP efficiently and keep it in a financially healthy state. This meant clearing the unjustifiable expenses, such as keeping the office expenses to an acceptable reasonable level, but still maintain efficiency and productivity. Our revenue comes mainly from the annual membership subscription received from our 91 member federations, patronage and recognition fees and the FIP Championship Class additional participation fees.
 We have closed the Zurich office at Biberlinstrasse 6, which has not been used since 2008. This provided FIP with substantial savings.
 We have also been exploring other avenues of revenue. My colleagues have entrusted me to look into the alternative investment opportunities for our precious and modest capital reserve. I have devoted myself to studying the bonds and stock market in the Singapore Stock Exchange since May 2012, and have invested our funds in several safe investments that would ensure higher returns than what we have been getting in the past. I am happy to report that our investment has produced a reasonably handsome yield of 4.6% per annum or
52,000 Swiss Francs, which would literally defray our six months overhead expenses. We have more than 1.5 million Swiss Francs in our bank account and that had always produced the bare minimal return according to bank interest rates. In the past, our investments have accrued no interest and in many cases resulted in losses.
 As a result of our healthy finances, we are pleased to announce that we have revised the Championship Class fees by a 50% reduction, from 100 Swiss Francs per frame to 50 Swiss Francs per frame. In other words, a Championship Class 8-frame exhibit has now to pay only 400 Swiss Francs instead of 800 Swiss Francs to FIP. This, we believe, is our way of expressing our gratitude and appreciation to our Championship Class exhibitors. This has taken immediate effect from PHILAKOREA 2014.
 It is always our Board’s aim not to increase the membership subscription fees as long as we are financially healthy. We are again pleased to say that the current membership subscription fees will remain unchanged for the year 2014.
 We are constantly reviewing our Statutes and GREX and try to update the contents based on today’s requirements and situation. We aim to always update you on the amendments through our website and periodical FLASH.
 Future world exhibitions are getting scarce and are few and far between. We have had two exhibitions in 2011, one in 2012, three in 2013 and there are two this year. As far as we are aware, there will be one exhibition each for the next two years. But then what about in the years 2017, 2018, 2019? Gone are the days where the exhibition organizers approached FIP for patronage. The situation today is such that my colleagues and I have to sell the idea to potential members to organize exhibitions. We hope to receive more positive responses from these potential members in the next six to twelve months time. Similarly, I cannot tell you at this moment the venue for the 74th FIP Congress in 2016.
 Having said all of the above-mentioned issues, we are always looking to conduct more seminars of the various disciplines so as to provide our exhibitors, apprentice jurors, accredited jury members and expert group members with the information necessary for their area of expertise. We are constantly identifying potential jury members and new team leaders to ensure a smooth, succession plan.
 The introduction of the Modern Philately (of the 21st Century) in 2012 and the awarding of FIP medals to the exhibitors since Brasiliana 2013 demonstrates our sincere efforts in promoting modern issues to a wider scope of newcomers to this wonderful hobby of stamp collecting.
 We shall communicate most (if not all) of the latest news and activities through our website (www.f-i-p.ch) and later (round up) repeat or summarize it in the FLASH, our official magazine.
 I am aware that as President I cannot please everyone with everything that I do on behalf of FIP and that my ideas on some things differ from those of others. However, as President it is my responsibility and my Board’s to manage the affairs of FIP in a manner that benefits the 91 Member Federations as a whole, and we intend to continue to work towards this goal in the most efficient and positive way that is possible.
My sincere thanks to all of you for giving me and my Board of Directors the opportunity to run the FIP office since October 2010. We look forward to seeing you in Seoul, August 2014.

Pàgina del Presidente


El 73ª Congreso de la FIP se celebrará en Seúl, Corea del sur el 12 de agosto de 2014. Las once Comisiones FIP / seccionaran en Seúl los días 10 y 11 de agosto de 2014. Estoy ansioso por la participación activa en las reuniones de todos ustedes.

Desde que me eligieron como Presidente de la FIP en octubre de 2010, mi junta directiva y yo hemos estado trabajando en una serie de proyectos importantes y urgentes, me gustaría destacar varios de ellos aquí para su información.


• Uno de nuestras principales iniciativas ha sido siempre que funcione eficientemente la FIP y mantenerla en un estado financieramente saludable. Esto aclaro los gastos como fue con los gastos injustificables, como mantener los gastos de la oficina a un nivel razonable aceptable,

Pero todavía mantener la eficiencia y la productividad. Nuestros ingresos provienen principalmente de la membrecía anual, la suscripción de nuestras federaciones 91 miembros, patrocinio y reconocimiento de honorarios de la Exposiciones  y las Tasas de participación adicional de la clase campeonato.


• Hemos cerrado la oficina de Zurich en Biberlinstrasse 6, que no ha sido usado desde el año 2008. Esto proporcionó a la FIP ahorros sustanciales.


• Nosotros también hemos estado explorando otras vías de ingresos. Mis colegas han confiado en ver otras oportunidades de inversión alternativas para nuestro precioso y modesto capital de reserva. Me he dedicado yo mismo estudiando los bonos y el mercado de valores en la bolsa de valores de Singapur desde mayo de 2012 y se ha invertido nuestro fondos en varias inversiones seguras que garantizarían mayores ganancias que lo que hemos recibido en el pasado. YO estoy feliz de informar que nuestra inversión ha producido un rendimiento bastante bueno del 4,6% anual o sea  52.000 Francos Suizos, que literalmente podría sufragar los gastos indirectos de seis meses. Tenemos más de 1.5 millones de Francos Suizos en nuestra cuenta bancaria y que siempre había producido el retorno mínimo pelado según tasas de interés del banco. En el pasado, nuestras inversiones no han acumulado ningún interés y en muchos casos resultaron con pérdidas.


• Como resultado de nuestras finanzas sanas, nos complace anunciar que hemos revisado en la clase Campeonato los honorarios en una reducción del 50%, de 100 Sfr por metro a 50 Sfr por metro. En otras palabras, un Expositor del Campeonato, clase de 8 marcos ahora debe pagar sólo 400 Sfr en vez de 800 Sfr a la FIP. Esto, creemos, es nuestra manera de expresar nuestra gratitud y reconocimiento a nuestros Expositores de la clase Campeonato. Esto ha tomado efecto inmediato en PHILAKOREA 2014.


• Es siempre el objetivo de nuestra Junta el de no aumentar las cuotas de suscripción mientras seamos financieramente saludables. Otra vez nos complace decir que las actuales cuotas de suscripción no se modificará para el año 2014.


• Nosotros estamos constantemente revisando nuestros estatutos y el GREX y tratar de actualizar el contenido basado en los requisitos y la situación actual. Nuestro objetivo es siempre mantener actualizadas las enmiendas a través de nuestro sitio web y el FLASH periódicamente.


• En el futuro las exposiciones mundiales se están volviendo escasas y son pocas y distantes entre ellas. Hemos tenido dos exposiciones en 2011, uno en 2012, tres en 2013 y encontraremos dos este año. En cuanto a ello somos conscientes, habrá solo una exposición en los próximos dos años. Pero entonces ¿qué pasa con los años 2017, 2018, 2019? Atrás quedaron los días donde los organizadores de las exposiciones se acercaban a la FIP por patrocinios. Hoy la situación es tal que mis colegas y yo tenemos que vender la idea a los miembros potenciales para organizar exposiciones. Esperamos recibir respuestas más positivas de estos miembros potenciales en los próximos seis a doce meses. Del mismo modo, no puedo decirte en este momento el lugar de celebración del 74ª Congreso de la FIP en 2016.


• Dichas todas las cuestiones antes mencionadas, siempre estamos buscando para llevar a cabo más seminarios de las distintas disciplinas así como proporcionar a nuestros expositores, ser jurados aprendiz, a los miembros del ya acreditados como jurado y a los miembros del grupo de expertos que puedan contar con la información necesaria para su área de especialización. Nosotros constantemente estamos identificando potenciales miembros del jurado y líderes de equipo nuevos para asegurar un suave, plan de sucesión.


• La introducción de la Filatelia moderna (del 21st siglo) en 2012 y la adjudicación de la FIP medallas FIP a los expositores desde BRASILIANA 2013, demuestra nuestros sinceros esfuerzos en la promoción de temas modernos Para un alcance más amplio de los recién llegados a este maravilloso hobby de coleccionar sellos.


• Nosotros comunicamos más (no todo) las últimas noticias y actividades a través de nuestra página web (www.f-i-p.ch) y luego se repetirá y  hará un samario en el FLASH, la revista oficial.


• Soy consciente que como Presidente no puedo complacer a todos con todo lo que hago en nombre de FIP y que mis ideas sobre algunas cosas difieren de las de los demás. Sin embargo, como presidente es mi responsabilidad y de mi Junta, administrar los asuntos de la FIP en una manera que beneficie a las 91 federaciones miembro como un todo, y tenemos la intención de seguir trabajando hacia esta meta de la manera más eficiente y positiva que sea posible.


Mi más sincero agradecimiento a todos ustedes por darme a mi junta directiva y a mi la oportunidad de administrar la oficina de la FIP desde octubre de 2010.

Esperamos vernos pronto en Seúl, agosto de 2014.




PHILAKOREA 2014 (7 - 12 AUGUST 2014)
 AT COEX HALL A (159 Samseong dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-731, Korea)
Date Time Room 1 Room 2
    (Jury Room) (Commissioner Room)
10th 0830 - 1030 H Traditional Commission Fight Against Forgeries Commission
  1030 - 1230 H Postal History Commission Revenue Commission
  1400 - 1600 H Thematic Commission  Postal Stationery Commission 
  1600 - 1800 H FIAP Meeting FIAF Meeting
  1900 H FIAP Birthday Party Dinner (By invitation only)  
11th 0830 - 1030 H Critique Session (Exhibition Hall)  
11th 0830 - 1030 H Astrophilately Section Literature Commission
  1100 - 1300 H FIP Board Meeting  
  1400 - 1600 H FEPA Meeting Maximaphily Commission
  1600 - 1800 H Youth Commission Aerophilately Commission
12th 0900 - 1700 H FIP Congress (Venue: Mont Blanc Hall, Hotel Riviera - Address 53-7 Cheongdam-dong,
    Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea)  
  1900 H Palmarès  






 to be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from December 1 – 6, 2014 will now have 3 competitive classes, namely


 Class 1                      Youth Philately

                                  Including Youth Literature (philatelic books, pamphlets, studies, journals and periodicals

                                  authored by youth only),

                                 Open Philately (Experimental)

 Class 2                      Thematic Philately

 Class 3                      Modern Philately (of the 21st century)


 Classes 2 and 3 are meant for the Adults


 No of frames available

 1000 frames


 Frame Fees

 Class 1                   Free

 Class 2 & 3            US$50 per frame


 Closing date of application forms : April 11, 2014


 Do nominate your national commissioner to:

 Commissioner General

 Dato Anuar Bashah

 Email : worldyouth2014@gmail.com


 The FIP Consultant

 Mr Bernard Jimenez

 Email : b.m.jimenez@wanadoo.fr





 FIP Championship Class - Additional Participation Fees


 We are pleased to inform you that the Additional Participation Fees for the FIP Championship Class Exhibits are now at 50 Swiss Franc instead of 100 Swiss Franc per frame. These revised fees will be implemented from the PHILAKOREA 2014 World Stamp Exhibition.




Exhibition Name 




Seoul, Korea

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


7-12 Aug 2014

1-6 Dec 2014


General World

World Youth Stamp Exhibition

Competitive Classes


3 Classes


Thematic Philately – For Adult

Modern Philately – For Adult

Total Frames



Frame Fee



Frame Fee (for Youth Class / Per Exhibit)



Frame Fee for One Frame Exhibit


Not Applicable

Frame Fee for Literature (Per Exhibit)


Free (Youth Literature)

Frame Fee for Modern Philately



Deadline Entries

15 Dec 2013

28 Mar 2014

Deadline Acceptance

11 April 2014

1 Jun 2014

Deadline Payment

15 May 2014

1 Sep 2014



To be advised


Surajit Gongvatana

Bernard Jimenez



 Number of qualifying exhibits for commissioners 2014

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                                                                   FIP Presidents

Period Family Name First Name Country
1926-1929 Bigwood Willy Belgium
1929-1931 Van der Schooren G. Netherlands
1932-1941 Maingay P.J. Belgium
World War II
1943-1955 Friederich Emile Switzerland
1955-1971 Berthelot Lucien France
1971-1977 Pütz Léon Luxembourg
1978-1980 Stibbe, Dr Jacques Belgium
1980-1990 Dvoracek Ladislav Czechoslovakia
1990-1998 Jatia D.N. India
1998-2002 Mohr Knud Denmark
2002-2006 Koh Seow Chuan Singapore
2006-2010 Wolff Joseph Luxembourg
since 2010 Tay Peng Hian Singapore