Orbituary – Silvano Sorani (1934-2023)

Silvano Sorani (1934-2023)

Silvano Sorani passed away on 30 June. In the family’s formal statement, he is remembered as a “tireless witness in schools of racial persecution, formidable connoisseur of philately and passionate collector”. The announcement was made by his wife Scarlett, and his children Manuela and Riccardo with his family. The funeral was celebrated in Milan at the Jewish cemetery on Sunday, 2 July.

Silvano was a well-established philatelic expert, and FIP juror in both traditional philately and postal history at a number of international exhibitions (e.g. Pacific 97, Israel 98, Italia 98, Wipa 2000, Europhilex 2002, Ticino 2003, Israel 2008, Italia 2009, Israel 2018) and served as chairman of the Italian Association of Professional Philatelic Experts.

He won the Grand Prix National in Israel in 1985 with the “Holy Land” exhibit under the pseudonym ‘Manuela’ and hence became a member of the Grand Prix Club.

The FIP Board of Directors send their deepest condolences to Mr Sorani’s family.

He will be dearly missed.

(Above information re-published with the consent of FEPA)