Highlights of the meetings in Seoul on August 13th, 2014

President Tay welcomed the Board members, especially the reelected Vice-President Bernard Beston and the newly elected Director Prakob Chirakiti. The Board members congratulated FIP President Tay Peng Hian for his reelection.


President Tay enumerated the responsibilities for the different Board members


President Tay commented the financial situation as at July 31st, 2014, and confirmed that it was quite healthy.

Jury Matters

New jurors

The following jurors served their apprenticeships successfully at PHILAKOREA 2014: Estanislao Pan de Alfaro, Spain, in Thematic Philately; Renichi Yamada, Japan, Jussi Murtosaari, Finland, and Jiri Sedlak, Czech Rep. in Traditional Philately ; Li Zhifei, China, in Postal Stationery.
Cross accreditations
The following jurors cross accredited successfully: Kurt Kimmel, Switzerland, in Philatelic Literature and Koichi Sato, Japan, in Postal History.


The forthcoming exhibitions under FIP auspices/patronage MALAYSIA 2014, SINGAPORE 2015 and NEW YORK 2016, as well as the exhibitions granted FIP Recognition AEROPHILATELY 2014, TAIPEI 2015 and LONDON 2015 were discussed and the Consultants/Liaison officers reported on the progress of these events.

The jury of the exhibition MALAYSIA 2014 was discussed and approved.


FIP Approved Seminars would take place at MALAYSIA 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on December 4th, 2014: Thematic Philately, speaker: Bernard Jimenez; Postal History, speaker: Dr Peter P. McCann, RDP, Aerophilately, speaker: Fernando Aranaz del Rio, Youth Philately, speakers: José Raul Lorenzo & Bengt Bengtsson

Page sizes

The different page sizes were discussed and the Board members agreed to recommend three sizes.

Statutes / GREX

Housekeeping changes in the Statutes and the GREX to clarify and adjustments of some points were further discussed, and the discussions would be carried on at the next meetings. After finalization the proposed amendments would be submitted to the federations in the “three columns format” as done before.

Next Board meeting

The next Board meeting would take place in Kuala Lumpur on December 6, 7, 8 and 9, 2014, during MALAYSIA 2014.

For the minutes
Andrée Trommer-Schiltz, Secretary General