Acceptance of Vermeil Exhibits in Virtual National Exhibitions 20/22 for entry to FIP World exhibitions 21/22 on Experimental Basis


The FIP Board members approved, during the 135th FIP Conference meeting held on 16 October 2020, that: A Vermeil medal at national virtual exhibitions held in 2020-2022 shall be accepted for FIP World exhibitions only in 2021 and 2022, on an experimental basis.

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Postal History Seminar 18 October – Knowledge & Research


If you missed the Seminar by Dr. Andrew Cheung, watch it below!

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Postal History Seminar 4 October – Importance


Watch the Seminar by Prof. Henrik Mouritsen here:

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Postal History Seminar 20 September – Treatment


For those who missed the above Seminar by Danforth Walker, catch it here!

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Postal History Seminar 6 September – Presentation


Watch the Seminar by Chris King here:

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Postal History Seminar 16 August


If you missed the above Seminar, you may watch it here:

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FIP Postal History Commission exhibiting seminars via zoom Aug – Oct 2020


The Postal History Commission will host five on-line seminars from August to October 2020 on: “The importance of……in postal history exhibiting” 1. Rarity & Condition (Henrik Mouritsen) Sunday 16 August, 2:00 PM Berlin time (SGT 8:00 PM) 2. Presentation (Chris King) Sunday 6 September, 1:00 PM London time (SGT 8:00 PM) 3. Treatment (Dan Walker)…

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FIP Latin American Members’ Mi Oficina Online Conferences


The Latin American FIP members, with the help of Henry Marquez in San Francisco California, had organized the following Mi Oficina resources and welcomes all philatelists to participate – – Mi Oficina on Facebook – Mi Oficina on Whatsapp – Mi Oficina Zoom Conferences – Mi Oficina Philatelic Society on YouTube video channel – Mi Oficina…

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Obituary – Mr Luis Alemany Indarte


1940 – 2020 On April 9, Mr Luis Alemany Indarte, an important Philatelist in Spanish history, passed away. Born in Madrid in 1940, Mr. Luis Alemany Indarte began collecting stamps in his childhood. He specialised in Spanish First Issues and Postal History,  but also became interested in all topics related to Spain, like “Incoming Mail”,…

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Obituary – Major Richard K. Malott, CD, FRPSL, FRPSC, FCAS, OTB (1927-2020)


Many of you will have known Dick Malott Canada’s foremost Canadian aerophilatelist. He made his career in the Canadian Air Force and, upon retirement, worked for the Canadian War Museum where he was instrumental in collecting and documenting Canada’s Victoria Cross medals. Dick began collecting and researching Canadian air mails in the 1950s and was…

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