Highlights of the 104th Meeting of the FIP Board of Directors in Kuala Lumpur, on December 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th 2014.

Presentation PHILATAIPEI 2016

Mr Chen Yu-An, President, and Mr Michael Ho, Vice-President of the Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation, came to the Board meeting to present the World Stamp Exhibition they will organise in 2016 under the patronage of FIP. They thanked the Board for the opportunity of meeting here in Kuala Lumpur, and Mr Tay thanked them for the presentation of their exhibition.

Meeting with the Bureau of the Youth Commission

f.l.: Mr Bengt Bengtsson, Mr José R. Lorenzo, Chairman, Mrs Linda Lee, Secretary, Mr Christian G. Perez

After the success of the joint meeting in Seoul, the FIP Board had invited the members of the Bureau of the FIP Commission for Youth Philately to meet the FIP Board members in Kuala Lumpur.
The discussion was about the new scoring sheets used for the first time at MALAYSIA 2014 and the impact it had on the judging that was faster and easier, the organisation of judging seminars for FIP accredited youth jurors, for FIP jurors interested to cross accredit for Youth, and for the potential apprentice jurors to reach uniformity in judging across the continents, the revision of the Youth Judging Guidelines that seemed necessary to include new aspects and to make the difference between the age groups clearer. Another idea was to encourage young people to start collecting by emphasising the antique aspect of the stamps and the philatelic items – focusing on modern material is one way, but also focusing on material 100 years old that does not cost much, could be another way.
President Tay then mentioned that FIP had started to look at group C exhibits to find fakes, forgeries, and next time he would ask the expert group to take out this material if they found some to show to the Chairman and the Bureau. It was important that youths learned to be careful in buying material and not to spend unnecessary money.
Chairman Lorenzo stressed the point that it had been a very good idea to have a World Youth Exhibition along with a continental exhibition, and congratulated the organisers of MALAYSIA 2014 for this exhibition. President Tay and all present joined him in these congratulions.


President Tay reported that the new investments were bringing a good percentage of revenues, about 5¾ % and the financial situation of FIP was very healthy.

Jury matters

New juror

Mr Stephen T.Y. Chen, Hong Kong, had served his apprenticeship successfully in Youth Philately at MALAYSIA 2014.


Consultant Dila Eaton reported that the preparations for the exhibition were running smoothly. The jury for the exhibition SINGAPORE 2015 was then discussed and approved.
Consultant Bernard Beston reported that the agreement with NEW YORK 2016 had been signed, the invitations for commissioners and nominations of jurors had been sent out. The first bulletin would be issued in December 2015.
President Tay was appointed Consultant for PHILATAIPEI 2016. The Board members unanimously confirmed the patronage for PHILATAIPEI 2016, subject to confirmation by the 74th FIP Congress in 2016.

The FIP Liaison Officers of TAIPEI 2015 and LONDON 2015 reported on the progress of these exhibitions. During TAIPEI 2015 a Postal History and Postal Stationery workshop would take place, held by Norman Banfield (New Zealand), Malcolm Hammersley (Hong Kong) and Michael Lin (Chinese Taipei).

Electronic Literature Competition

Vice-President Beston was working on the reintroduction of judging electronic literature, with a committee to look into what equipment would be needed. He had gathered the available data from the federations where it was still done, and would now look into what hardware and software would be needed that could be universally used, and the entailed costs for the exhibitions. He hoped to be able to have electronic literature if not in New York, then certainly in Taipei in 2016.

Commission for Thematic Philately – appointment of new chairman

After the resignation of Jonas Hällström as Chairman of the Commission for Thematic Philately, the Secretary Koenraad Bracke from Belgium will take over the post as Chairman.

Commission for Aerophilately – change in the SREVs

The following changes in the SREVs for Aerophilately were approved by the Board members, subject to confirmation by the next Congress.
“Article 2: Competitive Exhibits
An Aerophilatelic exhibit is composed essentially of postal documents transmitted by Air bearing evidence of having been flown and also of stamps and proofs and essays relating to Air Mail and Aerophilately.
There are two Subclasses of Competitive Exhibits
Subclass a) Covers flown
Subclass b) Air Mail stamps and their use in Air Mail service
Article 3: Principles of Exhibit Composition
3.1 Aerophilately represents a study of airmail services, stamps related to airmail, and a collection of documents pertaining to such development.
Aerophilatelic exhibits have therefore as basic contents:
Subclass a) Covers flown
1. Postal documents dispatched by air.
2. All types of postal and other marks, vignettes and labels relating to aerial transport.
3. Items connected with a particular means of aerial transport, not conveyed through a postal service, but deemed important to the development of air mail.
4. Leaflets, messages and newspapers dropped from the air, as a way of normal postal delivery or on the occasion of postal services interrupted by unforeseen events.
5. Mail recovered from aircraft accidents and incidents.
Subclass b) Air Mail stamps and usage
1. Official and semi-official stamps issued especially for use on Airmail, in mint or used state, but also on cover.
2. Any proofs and essays associated with the issues of the Air Mail stamps.
(Articles 3.2 and onward revised as necessary to fit Subclass a) and b).” (see the full SREVs and Guidelines on the website)

Housekeeping changes Statutes

The discussions about the changes in the Statutes and the GREX were further discussed.

Next Board meeting

The next meeting will be in Taipei, from April 28th to 30th, 2015, on invitation of the Philatelic Federation of Chinese Taipei, during the exhibition TAIPEI 2015.

For the minutes
Andrée Trommer-Schiltz, Secretary General