FIP Latin American Members’ Mi Oficina Online Conferences

The Latin American FIP members, with the help of Henry Marquez in San Francisco California, had organized the following Mi Oficina resources and welcomes all philatelists to participate –

– Mi Oficina on Facebook

– Mi Oficina on Whatsapp

– Mi Oficina Zoom Conferences

– Mi Oficina Philatelic Society on YouTube video channel

– Mi Oficina Website (under construction)

The daily Zoom Conferences start daily (including Saturday and Sunday) at 01:00 UTC and last 90+minutes. Conferences begin with 20 minutes of talk amongst the attendees. Each Conference Agenda would be announced the day before (Lima, Peru time). Those who wish to be contributors, in Spanish or English, can mail to to be included in the agenda.

Calendar of Conferences:

Daily link key to access Zoom Conferences:

The Conferences are downloaded to YouTube channel the next day so that any philatelist around world can have access to them at any time.




Those who wish to be notified daily via WhatsApp can send a message to Mr Alfonso Molina Ch. +506 88802727 to be included in the chat.