HELVETIA 2022 Grand Prix Awards

The FIP Board would like to congratulate the Organising Committee of HELVETIA 2022 – the Swiss Federation of Philatelic Societies and the Philatelic Society of Lugano, on the very success exhibition that has been held at the Centro Esposizioni, Lugano’s fairground and Convention Centre, in Lugano Switzerland from 18 – 22 May 2022.

The Palmares dinner was held on 21 May 2022 at the Da Vittorio restorante.

There were two candidates for the Grand Prix National prize and the winner was Mr Joseph Hackmey (UK) for his exhibit “Classic Switzerland”.


The Grand Prix International prize went to Mr Simon Martin-Redman (UK) for his exhibit “Sarawak – The first forty years 1858-1898”, out of the four candidates nominated for this award.

Finally, the winner of the World Stamp Championship was Mr Adriano Bergamini (Switzerland) who received the most votes out of the three nominated candidates, for his exhibit “Postal relations between TICINO (Switzerland) and foreign countries before the UPU”.

WSC First runner up: Walter Britz (Uruguay), “Uruguay: Early Issues of the XIX Century (1856-1862)”.

WSC Second runner up: Vittorio Morani (Italy), “Tuscany 1836 to GPU (up to 30th June 1875)” Letter mail in, from and to Tuscany: routes, rates and charges”.

Congratulations to all the winners!