FIP Qualifying Seminars in IBRA 2023

One of the key criteria to be approved by the FIP Board for FIP Jury apprenticeship is to have fulfilled the necessary FIP Qualifying Seminar in the Class that the applicant is applying for.

In the upcoming IBRA 2023 FIP General World Stamp Exhibition to be held in Essen from 25-28 May 2023. Four FIP Qualifying Seminars have been approved by the FIP Board as follows:


Postal History FIP Qualifying Seminar Postal History Qualifying Judging Seminar Danforth Walker, RDP Room K Sun 28-May 1400 – 1500
Postal Stationary FIP Qualifying Seminar Current Trends in the Postal Stationery – Recent developments in exhibiting and judging postal stationery Mike Smith Room K Sun 28-May 1500 – 1700
Postal Stationery Treatment – Examining the proper treatment for Postal Stationery exhibits and the balance of postal stationery information with usages and postal history information Dr Sam Chiu
Open Philately FIP Qualifying Seminar Discover Open Philately – the new and upcoming class Prof Peter Suhadolc & Birthe King Room D/E Sun 28-May 1300 – 1500
Traditional FIP Qualifying Seminar The Judging Criteria for Traditional Philately Dr Andrew Cheung Room D/E Sun 28-May 1600 – 1700


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