Exhibition Name PHILATAIPEI 2016
Venue Taipei
Date 21-26 October 2016
Category Specialised World
Competitive Classes World Stamp Championship Class, Traditional, Postal History, Postal Stationery, Aerophilately, Thematic, Revenue, Youth, Literature, One Frame and Modern Philately
Total Frames ca 2200
Frame Fee US$80
Frame Fee for Youth Class / per exhibit free
Frame Fee for One-Frame Exhibit US$120
Frame Fee for Literature (per exhibit) US$90
Frame Fee for Modern Philately US$80
Deadline Entries 15.01.2016
Notification of Acceptance 25.05.2016
Deadline Payment 30.06.2016
Consultant Tay Peng Hian
Commissioner General Michael Lin
74th FIP Congress 26.10.2016 at HOWARD PLAZA HOTEL Taipei
First Jury Meeting 20.10.2016


This is the fourth FIP World Stamp Championship Exhibition, which will be the highest level of competition in philately where the best philatelists in the world will compete for awards. There will be 3 finalists : The World Champion, First Runner Up and Second Runner Up. The World Champion is therefore recognized as having won the highest award in the world’s stamp competitive exhibitions.


World Stamp Championship Class – For Traditional Philately and Postal History exhibits that have been awarded

a) FIP Gold / Large Gold medals at the exhibitions with patronage or auspices of FIP
b) FIP Grand Prix (Grand Prix National, Grand Prix International, Grand Prix d’Honneur & Grand Prix d’Exposition)

Neither the 10-year time frame restriction stated in GREX Article 9.1 nor GREX Article 9.6 applies here;

GREX Article 9.1 – Participation in the FIP Championship Class is restricted to exhibits which have received 95 or more points in FIP World Exhibitions in any three separate years during the previous 10 years.

GREX Article 9.6 – On receiving the Grand Prix d’Honneur in the FIP Championship, or having completed eligibility under Article 9.4, an exhibit may only be shown out of competition by the same owner.

Past Winners at World Stamp Championship Exhibitions:

SINGAPORE 2004 Title of Exhibit
World Champion Mr Surajit Gonvatana (Thailand) Siam Classic
1st runner up Mr Saverio Imperator (Italy) Tuscany
2nd runner up Mr Koichi Sato RDP (Japan) Tasmania

World Champion Mr Luis Alemany (Spain) Brazil “Bull’s Eyes”
1st runner up Mr Saverio Imperator (Italy) Tuscany
2nd runner up Mr Joseph Hackmey RDP (Great Britain) Classic Persia

World Champion Mr Santos Everaldo (Brazil) Postal History of Brazil 1606-1877
1st runner up Mr George Kramer (USA) Vignettes of Western Trails and Routes 1849-1870’s
2nd runner up Mr Jose Alberto Barreras Barreras (Spain) Spain 1854-1859

It is always important to stress that having achieved the Grand Prix in FIP exhibitions does not mean the end of your philatelic career. We still have the FIP World Stamp Championship Exhibition which was previously held in Singapore 2004, Israel 2008, Indonesia 2012 and next year 2016 in Taipei. Grand Prix Members are eligible to participate in this type of FIP exhibitions to try to win the World Stamp Champion. In addition, the Grand Prix Club Members’ Display in all the FIP exhibitions should be your next target of participation and to meet your fellow Grand Prix Members at the future exhibitions.