Obituary – Mr Luis Alemany Indarte

1940 – 2020

On April 9, Mr Luis Alemany Indarte, an important Philatelist in Spanish history, passed away.

Born in Madrid in 1940, Mr. Luis Alemany Indarte began collecting stamps in his childhood. He specialised in Spanish First Issues and Postal History,  but also became interested in all topics related to Spain, like “Incoming Mail”, “Mail through Cuba”, “Ship mail”, “Registered mail” or “Postal Agreements”. He also collects “Airmail”, “Colonies in Africa”, “Civil War”, “Fiscal stamps” and “Vignettes”, owning around 100 collections. From 1990 Mr Alemany started to collect international stamps, such as “Classical Argentina “or “Nicaragua”. In 2000 he began with “Brazilian Bulls Eyes 1843″, “Classical Finland”, “Brazil; Don Pedro II”, and “Netherlands first Issues”.

Mr Alemany was the President of the Madrid Philatelic Society, Vice-President of the Royal Hispanic Academy of Philately and Postal History, member of the National Philatelic Commission for new Spanish Stamps Issue, and President of the FIP Commissions for Fight Against Forgeries and Traditional Philately. 

He was an FIP Juror for Traditional and Postal History, and had organised many national and international exhibitions. He has given numerous lectures and published several philately articles, books and catalogues on many and varied subjects.

A very active exhibitor, Mr Alemany received more than 120 Large Gold medals, 40 of them in FIP competitions, and achieved more than 45 Grand Prix’s Awards, 8 of them in FIP exhibitions.

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The FIP Board members would like to convey their deepest condolences, to the family of Mr Alemany.