LONDON 2022 Grand Prix Awards

The FIP Board congratulates the organising committee of LONDON 2022 World Stamp Championship Exhibition for the successful stamp show held from 19-26 February 2022. The FIP Consultant for this exhibition was FIP Vice-President Mr Bernard Jimenez.

There were three candidates for the Grand Prix National prize and the winner was Mr Howard Hughs for his exhibit “The Maltese Cross”.

The Grand Prix International prize went to Mr Vittorio Morani (Italy) for his exhibit “Tuscany 1836 to UPU: Letter mail in, from and to Tuscany: routes, rates and charges”, out of the three candidates for this award.

Finally, the winner of the World Stamp Championship was Mr James Peter Gough (USA), who received the most votes out of the three nominated candidates, for his exhibit “UPU and its Impact on Global Postal Services”.

The complete list of Grand Prix candidates and Best in Class can be found here.

Congratulations to all the winners!