About the FIP Grand Prix Club

In every FIP Patronage General World Stamp Exhibition, 3 Grand Prix Winners will be born, namely,

Grand Prix National (GPN) is for the best exhibit in the National Class.

Grand Prix International (GPI) is for the best exhibit in the other Classes.

Grand Prix d’Honneur (GPH or Champion of the Champions) is for exhibit having earned 3 Large Gold medals in 3 separate years to compete in the FIP Championship Class.

In addition:

Grand Prix d’Exposition - the best exhibit awarded at a FIP Specialized World Stamp Exhibition.

World Stamp Champion - the best exhibit in the World Stamp Championship Class in a World Stamp Championship Exhibition (WSC) such as Singapore 2004, Israel 2008, Indonesia 2012 and recently Chinese Taipei 2016.

FIP Grand Prix Club (GPC) was formed in May 1979.

It is indeed a great honor for an exhibitor to be awarded a Grand Prix in his/her lifetime and to be a member of the FIP Grand Prix Club then.

As long as you are the winners of GPs, you are automatically invited to become a member of the GPC. There is no annual membership fee or entrance fee imposed.

It was agreed in 2011 that all GPC members are invited to show one philatelic item from their GP Collections or from their other treasure boxes whenever there is a FIP World Stamp Exhibition.

The GP winner who participate in the GPC Display at the FIP Exhibition will be provided with invitation to the Official functions including the Palmares. He/she will also be invited to receive the Medal of Appreciation on the stage.