Update: FIP Qualifying Seminars & General Lectures in EFIRO 2024

The EFIRO 2024 FIP Specialised World Stamp exhibition shall be held soon in Romania and the following FIP Qualifying Seminars have been approved by the FIP Board, as well as three General Lectures that are open to all:

One of the key criteria to be approved by the FIP Board for FIP Jury apprenticeship is to have fulfilled the necessary FIP Qualifying Seminar in the Class that the applicant is applying for, hence do attend one of the above Seminars if you would like to become a FIP juror of that Class and details on how to judge the exhibits shall be shared by experienced FIP accredited jurors also serving in the FIP Commissions. Exhibitors can also attend to find out how to improve your exhibits based on the judging criteria!

The respective FIP Liaison Officer of each Class shall also be present to observe the Qualifying Seminars. We look forward to your attendance.