FIP Postal History Commission exhibiting seminars via zoom Aug – Oct 2020

The Postal History Commission will host five on-line seminars from August to October 2020 on:

“The importance of……in postal history exhibiting”

1. Rarity & Condition (Henrik Mouritsen) Sunday 16 August, 2:00 PM Berlin time (SGT 8:00 PM)

2. Presentation (Chris King) Sunday 6 September, 1:00 PM London time (SGT 8:00 PM)

3. Treatment (Dan Walker) Sunday 20 September, 10:00AM New York time (SGT 10:00 PM)

4. Importance (Henrik Mouritsen) Sunday 4 October, 2:00 PM German time (SGT 8:00 PM)

5. Knowledge & Research (Andrew Cheung) Sunday 18 October, 9:00 PM HKT (SGT 9:00 PM )

Please note that Singapore time zone is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8) .

To register for any of the Seminars, please write to:   

Dr Andrew Cheung FRSPL

Secretary of the FIP Postal History Commission